Simple DIY DWC System

This is a simple DIY DWC (deep water culture) system. In this post we will walk you through a step by step tutorial on how to make your own DWC grow bucket.

Always remember safety first! So basically if you’re clumsy with a knife, don’t try to make this project. You can seriously cut yourself bad!


  • Box Cutter
  • Ruler
  • Marker
  • Drill with 1/4″ bit
  • Silicone


  • 5 gal. Bucket
  • 6″ Mesh Basket
  • Clay Pellets
  • Air Pump
  • Air Stone
  • Air Hose

Step 1.) Take the lid to the bucket and place it on the ground top side up.

Step 2.) Place the mesh basket upside down in the center of the lid to the 5 gal. bucket.

Note: Use the ruler to make sure the basket is centered.

Step 3.) Use the marker and trace a circle completely around the mesh basket.

Step 4.) Flip the mesh basket over and center the bottom of the basket in between the circle you made in step 3.

Step 5.) Use the marker and trace another circle, using the bottom of the mesh basket.

Step 6.) Use your box cutter to cut out the center circle(the smaller one that you just made).

Step 7.) Use your box cutter to make tabs in the center of the lid. To do this, just cut straight lines from the edge of the new hole, to the line from the first/remaining circle. Cut the lines about an inch apart. Bend the tabs down towards the inside.

Step 8.) On your 5 gal. Bucket, drill a hole in between the top lip and the rim that holds the handle.

Step 9.) Set the air stone in the bottom of the bucket. Run your air line through the hole you drilled. Make sure you can connect the line to the air stone.

Step 10.) Use the silicone to seal the OUTSIDE of the hole with the air line. Once it dries you can connect the air pump.

Step 11.) Rinse the clay pellets off then put them in your mesh basket. Put your lid on the bucket and place the mesh basket inside the hole.


So that’s it folks! A simple DIY DWC bucket that you can improve on. We will be writing a detailed article on how to properly use DWC, but if you can’t wait, go study!

Feel free to share this and keep growing!